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frequently asked Questions

How does Somnofox complement snoring diagnostics?

Somnofox is a small, easy-to-use device used in snoring diagnostics that is given to the patient by the sleep doctor. It looks and works like a smartphone - there's no wiring, no tedious patient preparation. The benefit of the Somnofox is the additional knowledge gained. Finally there is data on where exactly snoring comes from. A finding that can otherwise only be gained in sleep video endoscopy.

What is the Somnofox?

With Somnofox, Diametos offers the first and only medical device for the anatomical analysis of the causes of snoring. The approach: Artificial intelligence evaluates snoring noises - and does it comfortably in bed at home. The Somnofox AI model distinguishes between anteriorposterior velum vibration (A), circular pharyngeal narrowing (C), lateral tonsil vibration (L), hypopharyngeal vibration of the tongue or epiglottis (H).    

What is the relationship between Somnofox and sleep video endoscopy?

Somnofox's AI model was trained on the world's largest database of sleep video endoscopy recordings. To put it simply, Somnofox has learned from thousands of listening examples how different vibration locations and types sound, so that they can now tell them apart purely by sound. In this way, Somnofox provides the information that was previously only possible in complex sleep endoscopy settings - in your patients' bedrooms at home. In this way, Somnofox makes it easy to determine the cause of snoring in the daily routine of every practice.  

How do I get the report from Somnofox?

The Somnofox evaluation is automatically available for download the morning after the measurement - you will conveniently receive a link by e-mail. The report contains various evaluations, such as B. the snoring duration, snoring volume, and the predominant type of vibrations during the night. In addition, an easy-to-understand patient letter is created for each analysis.

Does the patient have to sleep alone during the snoring measurement?

When measuring snoring with the Somnofox, the patient must sleep alone for the analysis to work. Partner, children (as well as pets) have to get out of the bedroom.

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